Who We Are

Miilee has focused on providing you with traditional, family-based snacks to delight your taste buds and satisfy your hunger. With a team committed to quality, taste, and variety, our brands of Mix Nimco, Daal Moong, and many other traditional evening delicacies have a modern twist; that you can enjoy their rich flavors from the morning to night, in an office or school, at any place, on any time. With our research, development, and product assessment department working extra hard to optimize the level and variety of snacks established and populated across Pakistan, Miilee lies just beyond your doorstep, available at all major online stores and outlets to satisfy your immediate and future cravings. Prepared in a trusted, professional, and environmentally secured environment and later packaged to prevent any loss of quality before you open the packet, we guarantee a level of freshness unknown to the current market, and simply not possible in bakeries where the product is traditionally sold and bought in. Our lovely, state of the art packaging also allows you to treat the local delicacies and proper, filling snacks wherever you are. So why wait? Just visit your preferred online store like Daraz and call in for Miilee, a range of snacks available and loved by all. We promise that our “Is main hai kuch khas” is not just a tagline, and your “Miilee Moments” remain a beautiful memory for years to come.

Our Certifications